Whisperwind is located on the North Eastern coast of the continent, it is one of the oldest cities in Newarda. It's a sprawling coastal city with a large population and a main trade center for goods coming into the region. The City is protected by high strong stone walls on all sides to protect it from attacks from both land and sea.


- Shadowclaws: An ancient and proud order of Dragonborn Rogues that for a long time ruled Whisperwind from the shadows, but in recent years have lost power and have begun to sink into decline with the rise of Governor Nesk and his regime.

- Governor Nesk: The current ruling figure in Whisperwind. Not much is known about his past before arriving in Whisperwind and claiming the seat of power for himself. Mysterious harm seems to befall any and all who have opposed Nesk and his regime. Since gaining power in the city, Nesk has vilified the Shadowclaws and attempted to turn the city against them.