Sharpton is a small rustic town located in the center of the Newarden continent.

Description: The town has a rustic western feel, with a single wide street running thought the center of the town. There is a large Inn in the center of the town, surrounded by other shops, homes and Battle Wagon garages.

Battle Wagon course: The racetrack starts and ends in the town and makes a wide loop around it. The track is marked by low red pylons that light up when they are passed (to deter cheating).

Broken Spoke Inn: The largest structure in the town, owned by Tomm the bartender. Two stories tall, bar on the bottom, rooms for rent above. Filled with Battle Wagon racers year round.

IronBreaker Garage: Owned by Jess Ironbreaker , small dwarf with a southern accent. She became Mayor of the town after the Heroes helped her defeat the Hound Boys and win the annual Battle Wagon race for Mayorship. Her wagon is a large, lightly armored wooded flatbed wagon, pulled by a large Dire Board named Jeffrey. The cart has a large tower in the center with a mounted harpoon on top and retractable harnesses.

History: The town was founded by Battle Wagon racers and ever since has chosen its leaders by racing annually. The town was not affected much by the Horn Wars, but did lend the Heroes a wagon to sneak into Woodhurst to confront Joel Bydenson.