Snapp Kraklepop, who goes by Pops for short is a middle aged gnomish Wizard of the prominent Kraklepop clan. Growing up in an upper class gnomish family, Pops was trained from a young age in the magical arts, but had a true gift for Evocation (Damage) magic. He studied for years under his mentor and greatest friend Kellogg Kraklepop. Kellogg was an elderly, eccentric master of the arcane arts and Head of the Kraklepop clan. Under Kellogg's guidance Pops was on the path to someday take up the mantle of Head of the Kraklepop clan.

That is until one fateful day when something went very wrong. Pops was practicing fire magic in Kellogg's study, when all of a sudden the room exploded in flames as if a massive Fireball spell had been cast. When the smoke cleared, Kellogg was dead and Pops stood there, unharmed as if the flames had bent around him. Guards arrived almost immediately and found Pops standing over the dead body of his friend and mentor arms outstretched as if he had just cast the killing spell.

Pops was taken before the Kraklepop clan court and was found guilty for the accidental killing of Kellogg. He was then banished from the clan and stripped of his family name. Pops' uncle, Kix, inturn rose to the Head of the Kraklepop clan. Ever since that day he has refused to cast any spells that cause damage, instead vowing to solely cast spells to empower and protect. He is haunted every day by the thought that his spell took the life of his mentor.