Growing up a looking like a Kenku in an Aarakocra city was bound to present challenges for young Omari. Picked on by his fellow classmates and even his instructors while learning to become a monk to protect his city, he became frustrated and eventually angry with a society that shunned him based on his feather color.

He started acting out in small ways, showing up late to training, not pulling his punches in sparring sessions, sweeping the leg, etc. One day one of his trainers who didn't take his feather color as an offence pulled him aside and tried to connect with him but Omari was too far gone. After being exiled from the monk training camps, Omari grew more and more angry with the system that alienated him.

While drinking in a bar with some friends, at too young of an age, Omari was approached by a tall dark elf with a wicked smile and an aura of mischief. The dark elf walks up to the table of Omari and his friends and sits directly across from Omari while maintaining constant eye contact. The elf speaks to Omari but no one at the table can understand him, including Omari. The elf with a look of disappointment changes his dialect to common and issues the table a challenge, all while maintaining eye contact with Omari.

"Bring me an item of great importance to this very table in three days and I will make you a shadow among men."

The elf quickly stood up and walked away without saying another word. While the rest of the table mocked this random stranger, Omari became entranced. Unsure whether or not he should follow this elf or stay with his friends he mulled over the challenge all day. After a day of hearty day drinking, Omari fell asleep in a drunken stupor. In his dreams he had visions of this dark elf sitting upon a thrown surrounded by other creatures of all sorts of species, massive tables full of food and drink, piles of gold and gems. When Omari awoke he knew what he wanted, he would become a shadow among men.

He spoke with his family the next day about this dark elf and asked them to help him decide on an item of great importance. His older brother, Drift, who always protected Omari anyway he could and head pupil at the monastery Omari was kicked out of, told him to give up on this goal as it was just a drunk man in a bar and an errant drunken dream. Omari protested with little success but Omari's focus did not waiver and he decided at that moment the monastery would be his target. Why not choose the establishment that scrutinized him? Why not choose the building that closed their doors on him? And, why not steal their most sacred and forbidden scroll?

Omari set out the next night, he knew the compound, he knew it's secrets, it was easy... too easy for him. He passed from shadow to shadow undetected, avoided door ways with deft flight and swift maneuvers, and finally made it to the library that contained their most sacred texts. Behind an iron door he knew resided a wing of scrolls and parchments only viewable by the most educated and trusted Aarakocra. As he approached the door, as if by magic, he heard the door unlock and slowly swing open. Watching from the shadow he was hiding in he did not see anyone exit or enter, after a minute he darted through the door to see walls of text and tomes he'd never seen before. After a few minutes of searching, Omari found the scroll he had been searching. Omari sneaks his way back out the room, closes the door behind him and exits the monastery without a trace. He was good at this.

The next day, the third day since the challenge had been presented, Omari returned to the tavern. Before he could enter, a hand grasps his shoulder, shooting fear courses through his body only to hear a familiar voice say "I knew you wouldn't disappoint me." Omari turns to see the same dark elf with a sinister smile and a look in his eyes like he was up to no good. Omari tells him his tale and what he had brought him. The dark elf introduces himself as Jarlaxle and asks him if he would like to leave this place. Omari has never lived anywhere else and tells him he will need some time to decide.

Upon returning home, Omari is greeted by two guards and the head monk of his former monastery. Two more guards inside have Drift in shackles. Escorting him to the monastery. Omari protests but is quickly told to be quiet by his brother, as he is being escorted to the monastery, Drift is notified that he is being charged with the crime of stealing sacred scrolls belonging to the monastery. Unbeknownst to Omari, his brother had become responsible for the sacred texts and was now being blamed for Omari's indiscretion. Unsurprisingly, Drift is a victim to a broken system as Omari was and is quickly sentenced to life in prison.

Omari leaves the monastery with fire and hate in his eyes and is greeted by a wicked smile. "Are you ready to take my offer?"

"I will get my brother out of this prison, can you help me?" Omari pleaded.

"I can promise you many opportunities in this life. Come with me and I can show you." Jarlaxle

With that Omari left with Jarlaxle never to return to his hometown.